Conference Crowd


1) Sign and legalize previous online ODGs (during the Covid lock down)

2) Management of new enrollments and courses

3) Discussion and approval of the budget, change of current account and use of any cash surplus


4) Proposal for an observational study on 15 consecutive patients treated in the clinics of SIPRO members who intend to participate in the study as follows:

Recruited patients should have a shoulder tendinopathy involving supraspinatus and infraspinatus without complete cuff injury. The first 5 treated only with intratendinous prolotherapy (15% glucose + lidocaine), the second 5 treated with prolotherapy + hyaluronic acid (or collagen Guna), the other 5 only with hyaluronic acid (or collagen Guna).

Assessment at departure by the operator> VAS + Shoulder Pain and Disability Index (SPADI) and strength + ultrasound of the tendon before the procedure.

Control by an independent observer who re-evaluates patients with the same initial parameters (VAS, SPADI and strength + ultrasound of the tendon after the procedure) at one year.

The cost of carrying out the study will be financed from the SIPRO budget.

Expected costs: purchase of hyaluronic acid ampoules and payment of an independent observer.

5) Various.