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Usefulness of vitamin K2.

Likely, atherosclerosis is aggravated by an excess of calcium. Vitamin K2, in fact, activates a series of special proteins that mobilize calcium, activates osteocalcin that fixes calcium in bones and teeth and also activates another protein called MPG that mobilizes calcium from soft tissues and arteries. When calcium settle in these places it can harm your health.

Therefore, taking vitamin K2 together with vitamins D and A is the best method to prevent the calcification of soft tissues and blood vessels thus preventing atherosclerosis.

Most people suffer from a deficiency of this vitamin and this affects the health of bones, heart vessels and teeth.

Your prolotherapy doctor likely will give you some additional vit K2.

Dr. Stephen Cavallino MD

Director of the School of Prolotherapy Italy (SIPRO)

VITAMIN K2: much more than a role in coagulation

Dr. Luciano Bassani MD

SIPRO member and partner


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